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versatile saddles

Versatile Saddles Versatile Apex - Mini

Versatile Saddles Versatile Apex - Mini

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Versatile Saddle - Mini

Designed specifically for the smaller rider - from 18 months up to approximately up to 9 years of age depending on the physique of the rider.

This saddle fills an important gap in the market.  A saddle designed for comfort and security of horse and rider from the very beginning of their equestrian journey.
Importantly, Versatile saddle is designed to aid with security and to assist the smaller rider with developing a secure and independant seat right form the start.  It facilitates a correct leg position and encourages the rider to find their balance without compromising their safety.
Versatile saddle can be adjusted as a rider grows or gains more confidence and requires a different seating position.  It can also be adjusted as horses gain and loose weight through the seasons.

Available with two different size of front and rear blocks - the rear blocks are available in large 6" and standard 3.5" sizing

It offers unrivalled security and comfort for the leisure rider and has been approved and designed in conjunction with the RDA (Riding for the Disabled Association) and consequently the exacting design standards are unlike any other brand on the market today.

  • Handmade
  • Available in Faux and Real Leather
  • Light Weight
  • Fully Adjustable
  • Treeless
  • Balance Strap
  • RDA Approved and recommended
  • Safety stirrup bar

Memory foam seat for unrivalled comfort

Our specialist equestrian leather is synthetic and designed to withstand the demands of the modern equestrian and the elements.  It is easy to clean and hard wearing.

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