Are Your Saddles Leather?

We course the highest-grade synthetic leather to ensure our saddles are vegan friendly and exceptionally hard wearing.
It helps keep manufacturing and material cost down too which is a saving we pass on to our customers by offering such great value

Are your Saddles Only for Beginners?

No. Our saddles can be safely used by beginners but also adapted for the more experienced rider.
It offers full versatility of use and fit.

Do Versatile Saddles fit all horses?
Versatile Saddle is designed to be adaptable for the majority of wither profiles and back conformations.
The gullet is able to be made narrower for a more athletic type and wider to accommodate the horse with a flatter profile also - it is completely adjustable.

What size saddle do I need?
We have 2 different sizes available.
Mini: 18month to approximately 9 years depending on the childs size
Standard: 9years to adult.

How can I change my saddle into a GP saddle?
You can simply replace the front and back rider support panels for a smaller one.

Do I have to pay extra for the smaller panels to convert it into a GP saddle?
Yes there is a nominal charge for the smaller panels.