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VALIANCE Horse Stable Rug 200g Fill Classic Brown 600 Denier Waterproof Rug.

VALIANCE Horse Stable Rug 200g Fill Classic Brown 600 Denier Waterproof Rug.

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  • Our horse rugs are made of 600 denier polyester fabric. Main backing 100 % nylon. It has 200g polyester filling which provides good wearing resistance and longevity.
  • The stable rug comes with an elasticated cinch on each side, which assures a great fit for the horse, and exact pre-measurements help maintain the rug's quality. Easy-to-adjust chest and belly straps with clips buckles and gleaming Velcro for a perfect fit and performance.
  • Horses that are clipped and living indoors will benefit from our stable rug that will provide warmth to a horse that is unable to move around freely to generate their own body heat during colder months.
  • These heavy-weight horse rugs are chosen as the best option for preserving enough warmth in horses’ bodies.
  • Our horse blanket is machine washable rug. It is Fast-drying and durable. Warning: Machine-wash horse stable rug on "Delicate" and "Cold". 


Aside from shorn horses, a stable rug will aid old and ailing animals. However, healthy horses may benefit from a stable rug if they are frequently exposed to draughts, are kept in an open stable, or are hauled in a trailer. A healthy horse that is not shorn will not be troubled by the cold alone. However, things become more problematic when humidity, wind, or draught are added to the equation.

VALIANCE Horse Stable Rug has 200g polyester filling with 100% nylon main backing that makes a barrier against winter and makes rug windproof and waterproof, which are essential features for your horse rug in cold weather.

This quilted heavyweight anti-slip stable rug was meticulously designed by professional manufacturer, making it incredibly detailed. It is the ideal item for horse lovers, encouraging children to participate in their lesson.

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