Versatile Saddle Components

Back Panel

The back panel support measures 3 inches in width and 6 inches in height, providing the perfect foundation for beginners and those experiencing riding anxiety. Crafted from artificial or Real leather, this essential component is designed for optimal comfort and support.

Ultimate Comfort and Confidence

Lined with plush foam, the back panel offers a plush and comfortable experience, ensuring riders can focus on their riding sessions without distractions. It in stills a sense of safety and security in new riders, boosting their confidence levels.

Correct Posture and Stability

Engineered to promote proper alignment and stability, the back panel support helps children achieve the correct posture while riding. It plays a vital role in ensuring a safe and comfortable riding experience for young riders.

Transition Support

As children gain more confidence and experience in riding, the support panel can be replaced with a 2-inch high and 3-inch-wide panel. This transition allows riders to feel more freedom while maintaining the necessary support for a smooth progression in their riding journey.

 Adjustable Base Panels.

The adjustable base panels are made of artificial leather and fibre foam, prioritizing the comfort of the horse. These panels are uniquely designed with the horse's anatomy in mind, allowing for easy adjustment according to the horse's back shape to ensure a comfortable fit.

Versatile Design for All Horses

The adjustability of these base panels makes them suitable for all horses, regardless of size or breed. By customizing the fit to each horse's unique conformation, these panels provide a versatile solution for ensuring optimal comfort and support during rides.

Coronation Seat of Versatile Saddle

The coronation seat of the versatile saddle is a key component designed for maximum support and comfort, especially for beginners and young children who are learning to ride. Whether made of artificial leather or real leather, this seat incorporates memory foam to ensure unparalleled comfort during riding sessions.

Maximum Support and Comfort

The coronation seat is engineered to provide maximum support and comfort to riders, particularly those who are new to riding or are young learners. The combination of artificial or real leather with memory foam creates a supportive and cushioned seat for a pleasant riding experience.

Unique Design for Enhanced Grip

With its uniquely designed curves all over, the coronation seat offers enhanced grip to the rider. These curves are strategically placed to provide stability and prevent any slips during the ride, ensuring a secure and confident riding experience.

Versatile and Functional

The coronation seat of the versatile saddle is not only designed for comfort and support but also for versatility and functionality. It caters to the needs of riders at different skill levels and ensures a smooth and enjoyable riding experience for all.

Front Support Panel

The front support panel, measuring 3 inches wide and 4 inches high, is a crucial component designed to offer safety and security to new young riders. Crafted from a combination of artificial leather or real leather and fibre foam, this panel ensures a comfortable and secure riding experience.

Safety and Confidence

The front support panel is adjustable and specifically designed to provide safety and security to new and nervous riders. It instils a sense of confidence by offering a stable and supportive foundation for young riders to build their skills and gain confidence in riding.

Transition Support for Riding Experience

As riders progress and gain more experience, the front support panel can be replaced with a 1.5-inch high and 2.5-inch-wide panel. This transition panel provides freedom while still offering the necessary support for a smooth transition in the riding experience, allowing riders to feel more independent and confident in their abilities.

Safety Strap of Versatile Saddle

The safety strap of the versatile saddle, made of artificial leather or real leather with trigger hooks, is a feature that can be attached to the saddle for new or nervous young riders. It provides a secure and stable grip for riders to hold onto while experiencing riding, offering them additional safety and confidence.

Extra Security and Safety

Designed to provide extra security and safety, the safety strap gives riders a sense of stability and support as they navigate their riding journey. It enhances the overall riding experience by giving riders the assurance they need to ride on their own with confidence.

Removable Feature

Once riders have gained enough confidence and are comfortable riding independently, the safety strap can be easily removed. This allows riders to progress and ride freely without the need for the additional support provided by the safety strap.